About Us

The Middleridge Civic Association was formed in 1973, with the purpose of promoting civic pride and protecting the interests of home owners in our community. Our goals include improving the quality of life for our residents, maintaining the safety and beauty of Middleridge and being a voice for our community to local and state governments. We are a Civic Association, not an HOA, and charge a very nominal annual fee of $30 per household for membership.  While our budget is small, we are uniquely blessed with the ability to leverage our business relationships and county contacts to stretch our dollars much farther than most other communities. 

The Middleridge community borders the corners of Routes 123 (Ox Road) and Zion Drive. We consist of 578 residences which include a small enclave of 27 homes in the Batal-built community of Keys Crossing, which we unanimously adopted into our Civic Association in 1999.

Executive Board

Committee Representatives

David Simon

Vice President
Tim Harazin

Marie Morris

Niamh Minus

Al & Sandy Obuchowski

Joe Landry, Catie Morales,

Elizabeth Hawks

Newsletter Editor
Elizabeth Hawks

Neighborhood Watch
Jerry Reynolds

Welcoming Committee
Carolyn Vaughan

Maryn Simon & Ashley Campana

Newsletter Distribution

Maureen Campbell

Middleridge Book Club
Shirley Plunkett

Letterboard Signs
Vernon Campbell

Block Captain

  • Distribute newsletter monthly.
  • Get to know the residents who receive newsletter from you.
  • Distribute any other materials that Middleridge Civic Association wishes delivered.

Distribution Chairman

  • Receive newsletters the beginning of each month from the editor.
  • Count and package newsletters to distribute to Section Leaders who will distribute to Block Captains.
  • Get newsletters to Section Leaders within a day of receipt for timely distribution.
  • Call or email Section Leaders to let them know newsletters are being delivered.
  • Distribute any other materials that Middleridge Civic Association wants delivered to residents.

Section Leader

  • When newsletters are received, call your Block Captains to let them know the newsletters are being delivered and distribute them within 2 to 3 days to Block Captains.
  • Get to know your Block Captains and ask them to let you know of any new residents in the neighborhood.
  • Let a Board Member know of these new residents so that the Welcome Committee can be notified.
  • Distribute any other materials that the Distribution Chair gives to you from the Middleridge Civic Association.