The Middleridge & FCE communities are rolling the projector screen for an exhilarating Movie Night that you absolutely can’t miss! Mark your calendars for September 30th, 7:30 PM, at the FCE Pool parking lot.

Why should you join us? Let’s cut to the chase: It’s a blockbuster opportunity to strengthen community bonds, kick back under the stars, and enjoy cinematic magic right in our own backyard. No special effects needed for this genuine, neighborly good time!

Trust us, this will be an epic evening that’s worthy of two thumbs up! So gather your family, invite your friends, and don’t forget to bring some comfy chairs. Your attendance is the secret ingredient for a perfect movie night experience!

Get ready for action, laughter, and a sprinkle of community spirit. See you under the silver screen!

Dumpster/Donation Day

 Hey Marvelous Residents of Middleridge & Fairfax Club Estates! 

Mark your calendars for an event that’s more exciting than finding a rare Pokémon in your backyard!  On Saturday, September 30th, from 8AM until 12PM (or until the dumpsters cry “no more!”), we’re hosting our annual Dumpster and Donation Day. 

Location: The luxurious Fairfax Club Estates Pool parking lot off Snowy Owl Drive. Seriously, even your GPS will be excited to take you there!

Who’s Invited: This VIP event is exclusively for the elite members of Middleridge & Fairfax Club Estates. Sorry, yard-sale adventurers—this one’s for residents only!


  • Dumpster Drop-off: 8AM – 12PM (or when the dumpsters wave the white flag)
  • Donation Drive: 9AM – 11AM (Your clutter could be someone else’s treasure!)

Be there or be square! After all, one person’s trash is another person’s… well, still trash, but at least it won’t be cluttering up your garage. 

Join us for a day of decluttering nirvana and community generosity. Bring your unwanted items and transform them from home-cluttering gremlins into grateful donations or forever-gone fragments in a dumpster.

Your trusty neighborhood team can’t wait to see you there. Let’s kick those extra “treasures” to the curb—in the most organized, community-spirited way possible!

Cheers to a cleaner, happier, and positively uncluttered life! 

Scholarship Winners Announced at the May 11 General Meeting

The MCA Scholarship winners were announced at the bi-annual general meeting held at Burke Center Library. Join us in offering a hearty congratulations to our 2023 MCA Scholarship winners! 

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