It appears the scammer is back asking for MCA members, under my name, to purchase gift cards for a Veterans organization. 

Look at the actual sender’s email address versus my name that pops up in the from line. 


DO NOT, I say again, do not respond to his email that has my name at bottom.  It is an phishing, extortion attempt and possibly a way to gain access to your computer. 

As I mentioned last time this occurred, the MCA would never ask (out of the blue) for anything from you via email. Any emails from me or board would be telling you about request and asking you to use our website for a donation.  Not to mention we would have talked about it in the monthly newsletter if we were planning something like this. 

Hope you have a safe weekend, and if you get these type emails in the future please let me or board know. 


John Bayer

MCA President

John Bayer

MCA President

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