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Why YOU Should Become a Member of the MCA

Why Should You Be a Member of the Civic Association?

If you live in Middleridge, you are privileged to be in one of the truly desired communities in Northern Virginia. Why? There are a lot of great places to live but Middleridge is certainly one that is sought after by many others who do not currently live here. There is a certain amount of pride exhibited by those who live here in Middleridge and these people want to maintain that level of enthusiasm. The best way to do so is to join the Middleridge Civic Association (MCA) to HELP keep that level up. The cost of membership is minimal – $30 per year! That money is judiciously spent on many activities that maintain common areas of the neighborhood, sponsor activities for neighbors of all ages, and to demonstrate to others that we are MIDDLERIDGE and PROUD of it! The list of activities is lengthy and take place throughout the year. Just one timely example is the Holiday Lighting Contest in December. You would be amazed at the number of cars from outside the neighborhood that come here to see the beautiful displays exhibited by our neighbors. We are known far and wide as a place to see the many lavish displays.

Yet, there are many neighbors who do not join the MCA to help demonstrate our pride. There are many things that the leadership would like to do but are constrained by the lack of funding. Much is done with the current funding (including donations generously provided for scholarships, All Night Grad Parties, and now Lighting). Hopefully, you have noticed the new paint and lights now illuminating the sign at the Paynes Church Dr. entrance. The plan is to do the same at the other 3 entrances.

Believe it or not, we have even had residents of nearby neighborhoods ask to join our MCA because of all that is offered for so small an annual fee. So, with just this minimal introduction to the MCA, it is hoped that you begin to feel the pride of the neighborhood and decide to join the Association and help to keep Middleridge as a Great Place to Live.

You can now pay your dues online! Click on the HERE to pay online!