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Neighborhood Watch Update

Neighborhood Watch

By Vernon Campbell, Coordinator

Well, we are approaching Spring. About this time every year I send out a notice reflecting the increased amount of outside activity, including high school shenanigans, that would be meant to keep us all on our toes and on the look out for late night parties, roaming children and drunk drivers, and the like.

As I write this, I am feeling more than a little depressed about my feeling there is no need to send out this information. Current events certainly have overridden any historical reference points that I could use. Suffice to say, as we move on into recovery and hopefully restoration of daily activities, Neighborhood Watch remains vigilant in Middleridge.

We have had a few residents contact us regarding our surveillance, asking for repeat patrols for example. All I can say is I am very proud of our NW members, there has been no hesitation in providing whatever our residents require.

As we move along into hopefully warmer weather, we will maintain our patrolling and assistance to the community. If you would like to join the Neighborhood Watch, please contact me through the email provided in this newsletter. We can always find a place for individuals and couples willing to serve.

As you might know, the National Night Out will be at a minimum postponed this year, so our annual sign up will be interrupted. You can sign up for NW on the registration form for MCA membership.

Continue to take care, be cautious in your cars (fewer cars on the roads means the need for increased awareness of what is around you while driving), and let us all look forward to better times this Summer.