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Middleridge Home & Garden Tour

Middleridge HOME AND GARDEN TOUR, Saturday, July 20


We have a fantastic tour lined up for you!  If you walk to homes, put on your walking shoes.  If it is cloudy, bring your umbrella.  Check out the homes which will be ready for you 1-4 PM.  Look for the balloons on the mailboxes!


Cristobal and Valeria Aguilar, 5409 Francy Adams Ct. (Braddock Rambler)

New kitchen

When we decided to remodel our kitchen, we knew we wanted a design that would give us more counter space, good workflow, and better traffic flow.  But because this is the place where we spend most of our time, we also wanted a comfortable and inviting place. This is exactly what we got with a smart design that required taking down two walls, which instantly opened-up the space and made our kitchen feel a lot larger (without adding square footage!).  Come see our kitchen, sit around the island and we can show you more of the practical gadgets we incorporated.


Amy and Don Ditko, 5396 Quincy Marr Dr (Ryers Place Colonial)

New deck

We have been in our Middleridge home for about 25 years and decided it was time to update the original deck. We greatly enlarged the deck and added an egress window with a safety glass cover since the new ground level section of deck surrounded the existing window well. The Trex deck features a hot tub, pergola, fire table and lighting in the posts and steps.  We would like to show off the excellent work done by True North Contracting LLC, and the finishing touches done by F & F Landscaping.


Carolyn Ford & Russell Klosk, 10723 John Turley Place (Braddock Colonial)

Home extension project completed in June of 2017

We purchased our house in 2000, and lived with the galley kitchen through the years of our growing family. We made the decision to not just renovate the kitchen, but do an extension on the entire back of the house to give us more living space, and an extension on the back of the two car garage, while we were at it. This also involved a total landscaping of the backyard, to include hardscape.

The kitchen was extended by 15 feet, with a large island and many amenities added. We created a sunroom by pushing out 11 feet behind the existing family room, adding pocket and French doors to make this a separate room. The garage was extended to give us more storage space at the rear, with car sizes getting bigger, it was sorely needed!

We look forward to hosting neighbors and answering any questions about our renovations and the process we went through.



Don and Beth Gantz, 10824 Mt. Vineyard Ct. (Payne Model)

New sunroom

We love it when our five children, spouses and grandchildren gather and stay at our house a couple of times a year but we were running out of places to have them sleep and living space was also getting a little cramped. Rather than finish the basement which was our first thought, we decided to add a 17ft.x 14ft. all season sunroom on the back of the house. That turned out to be the best decision ever! Not only do we have an extra bedroom (sleep sofa and blinds for privacy), we have extra living space AND we live there all the time! It is bright, cheerful and we feel like we can be outside even if the weather isn’t cooperating.


John Peterson and Mary Vander Maten, 10913 Spurlock Ct. (Carter model)                                               New patio

Our “patio” consisted of cracked slabs of concrete which had begun to slope toward the house, causing water problems on the patio and in the basement.  When the old cement was removed, we had a lot of water flow issues addressed and lovely pavers laid in its place, with proper caulking and grout to keep out the water.  We also had a low sitting wall added to give some depth to our small yard.  With a little trickling pond, birdbath and lots of feeders attracting birds, it is a restful spot.  What a treat to finally get this work done!