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Holiday Decorating Contest Winners

The Middleridge Civic Association Holiday Lighting Judging took place on December 16, 2018.  Here are the results of the judging.  Our thanks to the volunteer judges:  Mark, Margaret, and Nicole Harmon, John and Liz Biskaduros, and Tracy and Peggy Deihr.  Thanks also to Diane Bente for providing homemade chocolate covered pretzels for the gifts.  Thanks also once again to Jan Barrett for her excellent work in repainting the signs for the award winners.  Finally, thanks to Sandy Obuchowski for preparing the gift baskets and the group award bags.

The award winners are:


Traditional –   The Campbell Family at 10926 Middlegate Drive

Williamsburg – The Huggins Family at 5535 Shooters Hill Lane

Wattage – The  Rudy Family at 10806 Stanhope Place

Judges – The Ditko Family at 5396 Quincy Marr Drive

Group – The Sisco Family at 10708 Stanhope Place

The Gonzales Family at  10710 Stanhope Place

The Stallman Family at 10800 Stanhope Place

The Mitros Family at 10802 Stanhope Place

The Landry Family at 10803 Stanhope Place

The Valenti Family at  10804 Stanhope Place

The Rudy Family at 10806 Stanhope Place

The Lee Family at 10808 Stanhope Place

Congratulations to the winners!