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First Ever Middleridge Chalk Fest

How it works. Draw on Wednesday, May 13th whatever you and your family would like on the sidewalk squares in front of your house or even on your driveways. Do it alone, do it with your family or do it with your neighbors (observing 6 foot rule or roughly 2 plus sidewalk squares). When you are done, send an email to to let us know you have artwork in front of your house (please supply address). All artwork must be completed by 7 p.m. on Wednesday, May 13th. On Thursday morning, I will send a map of Middleridge with all of the streets that have artwork on them. We will encourage Middleridge residents to walk (observing 6 foot rule) or drive by the artwork. I will take pictures of all the artwork and create either a website or presentation to be sent out a couple days later. NOW THAT YOU KNOW HOW IT WORKS – WHAT DO YOU DRAW? Let your imagination go wild? – You can draw inspiration messages – You can draw funny murals – You can attempt to draw 3D Murals – You can include props in your drawings or use the prompts in your pictures. – You can create a family crest or decorate your family name. – The possibilities are endless. WHAT IF I DON’T OWN CHALK? Did you know you can make your own chalk with a few items from your home. I haven’t tried any of them, but I would suggest doing a Google Search on how to make your own chalk. I don’t want to forward any links since I haven’t tried it. Another option is to just post artwork that you might have made on a canvas, on a rock, on paper on a sidewalk for others to see. We hope this will be one of many Sidewalk Chalk Celebrations in our community.

Tony Gray