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Feeding the BVFD!

Feed the Firefighters for Burke Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department on June 8th was a great success! The firefighters and EMTs were very appreciative of the home-cooked meal Middleridge provided. The delicious goodies were provided by: Karrie Kay, Sheila Champion, Catie Morales, Sarah Koch, Steve and Nicci James, Kristen McManus, Shirley Plunkett, Linda Hansen, Jaime Westerfeld, Valeria Sanchez, Maria Devlin, Judith Moura, Sharon Forster, Amy and Robert Sanders, and Andra Moore. We look forward to providing more delicious dishes to first responders in the fall. Stay tuned for more information about our “Pastries for Police” event in January when we plan to delivery healthy breakfast items to our local police station in Springfield.