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Feed the Fire Fighters Success!

Feed the Firefighters for Fairview Fire Station #32 on November 9th was a great success! The firefighters and EMTs were very appreciative of the home-cooked meal Middleridge provided. The delicious goodies were provided by: Karrie Kay, Sheila Champion, Catie Morales, Shirley Plunkett, Linda Hansen, Sharon Forster, Amy Sanders, Andra Moore, Suheyla Ayhan, Sherry Slawski, Diane Bente, Mary Em Parrilli, Jiang Huang, Lauren Lee, Natalie Cleland, Sheila Adams, Tom Benedict, Hilah Kaufman, Michelle Atkin, Melanie Clancy, Nancy Cirula, and Sandy Frederick. We look forward to providing more delicious dishes to first responders in the spring. Thank you for everyone who donated to this wonderful cause!

Maryn Simon