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General Membership Meeting

May 2 @ 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Middleridge Civic Association

Bi-Annual MCA Meeting-May 2nd, 2019, 7:30pm at Oak View Elementary


Call to Order:  7:34pm


Board Members Present:  John Tedrick David Simon, Karrie Kay


MCA Scholarship Winners!:

  • MCA Scholarship committee: Greg Summer, Sheryl Baer and Don Gantz
  • Winners: Ethan Rothstein and Matthew Ly

MCA is proud to present scholarships to Ethan and Matthew.  Both boys grew up in Middleridge, are Robinson athletes and have outstanding GPA’s.  Ethan will attend JMU and Matthew will attend Virginia Tech.  Best of luck to both of you from Middleridge!



President: David Simon   VP:  Woody Hall     Treasurer:  John Tedrick   Secretary:  Karrie Kay


Review of Minutes: April Board Minutes—approved online



Treasurer’s Report: John Tedrick

Budget: With the continued escalation of expenses, this year represents the first time capital reserve funds were needed to balance the annual budget.  Because of this, the Board was forced to raise the annual membership fee to $30.  The additional funds raised by the increase in membership fees will not be realized until 2020 because most members paid their fees for 2019 in 2018.  The board is hoping to make up the difference by finding corporate sponsors for upcoming events.


Committee Reports

  • Webmaster/Server Update—Joe Landry

Website has been updated with all Middleridge floor plans.

  • Membership—Al and Sandy Obuchowski

366 members to date

  • Publication (newsletter)—Catie Morales

Please send us Pet of The Month!!  New advertisers always welcome.

  • Welcoming—Carolyn Vaughan

No Report

  • Neighborhood Watch—Vernon Campbell

No report


Continuing Business—Issues and Updates

  • The Lighting Fund project    POC: Al Obuchowski

Plan to go forward with solar lighting on 1 neighborhood sign.  We will get feedback from Middleridge neighbors.

  • Middlegate Dr. Sign Repair/Replacement

Date will be forthcoming for sign instillation.  Volunteers welcome!

  • Entrance Signs Clean-up

Next-step-committee will be formed to decide color and type of paint that is needed to repaint the signs.





Completed Events/Reports

  • Spring Yard Sale

Thank you to Erick Arraya for organizing.  40 homes in Middleridge participated.  Another yard sale planned for the fall.

  • Easter Egg Hunt

Thank you to Sarah Koch for organizing and Catie Morales for donating Golden Eggs!  Another successful event!


Upcoming Events

  • Feed the Firefighters POC:  Maryn Simon

June 8th benefitting Burke Volunteer Fire Department.  Email to donate food coming soon.

  • Home and Garden Tour POC:  Mary Vander Maten

July 20th Looking for 1-2 more homes.  Please reach out to mvandermate@nvcc.edu



New Business:

Potential New Events

  • Veterans Day POC: Marie Morris

Ribbons on mailboxes.  Please reach out and let us know you are a veteran!

  • Giving back to local Police

Pastries for Police in January. Neighborhood breakfast donations…stay tuned.

  • Neighborhood suggestions/questions/concerns

Many vehicles parked on Paynes Church-safety issue.

–We will reach out to local safety officer for advice/suggestions.



Place of next meeting:

June 6th  7pm @ Catie Morales’ home




9:00 pm


May 2
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm