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2018 Holiday Decorating Rules

The holidays in December are such a beautiful time, especially in Middleridge. Many neighbors have elaborate lighting displays and many others have simple but very nice ones. For many years now, the Middleridge Civic Association (MCA) has conducted a Holiday Lighting Contest and awards gifts to the winners in several categories. Judges are generally selected from volunteers who were winners in the past two years’ contests. Hopefully this year, there will be many volunteer judges since it is fun to be a part of the event

The categories are Traditional, Williamsburg, Judges Special, and Wattage Awards. In addition, there is a Group Award. Each awardee has a sign placed in the yard to identify them as a winner. The specifications for these categories are published in this newsletter. To be eligible, neighbors must have joined the MCA for 2019 prior to October 31, 2018.